The Small Print

YOU CANNOT BUY PAYPAL TICKETS DIRECTLY FROM THIS PAGE. Please go to the HOME PAGE and buy tickets directly from each event posting!

Tickets are available from:

Ticket Hotline: 01508 521800    

*** We are pleased to take card payment*** 

Cash or Cheque to: Andrew Walter, 43 Bridge Street, Loddon, Norfolk NR14 6NA

or cash payment to Caroline at Rosie Lee’s Tearooms, Bridge Street, Loddon

For certain events we also have Paypal payment. PLEASE NOTE: Paypal payment and phone credit card payment attracts a £2.50 administration charge. Please go to home page and purchase from each event posting.

Conditions Of Sale:We operate a ‘no-refund or exchange’ policy except if the event is cancelled by the venue or promoter. 

Please keep your tickets in a safe place. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct number of tickets are received. Should you lose your tickets the venue cannot reprint them and you may be refused entrance.

Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult for all available shows

Please Note: Loddon Mill Arts reserves the right to make changes to the programme. Please check details when booking.

The use of cameras and any form of audio or visual recording equipment is strictly forbidden. No drinks are allowed in the auditorium unless agreed by the Centre for special events or purchased from the bar. Loddon Mill Arts adopts a strictly No Smoking Policy throughout the building.

Health/Safety/Fire/Risk considerations:

PLEASE NOTE: You come to our events at your own risk. If you have any safety/risk concerns, please notify us immediately. Events are held in the 2 rooms at the back of our house. Please respect that this is our home and that others have also come for an evening of enjoyment. We wish everyone to have a safe and enjoyable evening.

There are several entrances and exits from the building if there was a fire and should this happen the alarm will be raised. We would ask people to assemble in the back gardens, until the danger is passed. Please take special care around the building as it is an old, historic building (one of the oldest in Loddon) with several steps and ramps which could cause trips or falls. Please also take care  in the driveway/gardens as there are several steps and potential hazards.  As you are being welcomed into our house, we take every care to try and minimize any risks and dangers to you, but we can’t be aware of everything and do not necessarily notice everything that might cause or become a risk to you or to others.

Please report immediately to the owners if you see a hazard or something dangerous or have concerns about anything in the building that might affect you or someone else while at the property.

We are always delighted to be able to help and talk to you. We can also be contacted on: or 01508 521800

Toilets: We have 3 private toilets in the property but mainly have use of the toilets on the public staithe, opposite the property. These are maintained by Loddon Parish Council and opened upon request for our events. We always allow use of 1 of our private toilets during the evening. If you have any concerns, do please contact us.

Latecomers & Disruptive Audience Members:- To ensure performances start on time, latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the programme. Any one who becomes disruptive during an event may be asked to leave the premises. We don’t mind audience participation, but continued interruption of the show can spoil others enjoyment of the evening and will result in the offender being asked to leave (without refund) and refused future admission. Please respect that this is our home and that others have also come for an evening of enjoyment. Loddon Mill Arts reserves the right to refuse admission. Loddon Mill Arts reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to anyone that we consider to have had to much alcohol or to be under age. 

Transport: By Bus from Beccles andNorwich. By Train – nearest trainline Norwich Station. By Air – nearest airport is Norwich Airport. By Boat on the River Chet with free mooring at the staithe. By Car with free evening parking opposite Loddon Mill.

Car Parking: We regret that our car park is private and only for deliveries and disabled users . Please use the car parks at Loddon Staithe (opposite venue) or Church Plain in Loddon. These car parks are ‘free’ in the evenings.

Join The Mailing List: By signing up to our mailing list and e-newsletter you agree for us to keep your contact details on file and to send you regular updates on all our events via the details you provide. If you would like to be added or wish to be removed from our mailing list please email us on